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Go Active Travel Uganda Ugandan Sunset
"Smooth seas do not make skillful sailors."
- African Proverb

Get away from the crowds and visit ‘The Wild Country’ of eco-tourism our Uganda Tours.

This “Pearl of Africa” straddles the equator and lies at the heart of the continent. Landlocked Uganda boasts vast tropical channels along Lake Victoria’s unique shoreline. This is where East African Savannah meets West African jungle, ideal habitat for exotic wildlife and vegetation and the creation of a lush biodiversity.

Half of the world’s mountain gorillas inhabit the dense, misty jungle which allows a once in a lifetime opportunity for close encounters in the wild. You’ll also be able to spot tree-climbing lions, a rarity that cannot be seen elsewhere, along with all manner of other animals including buffalo, hippos, crocodiles, monkeys and over a thousand bird species. Ten National Parks nurture wildlife so they are good places to explore this friendly land. Discover a complex tapestry of tribes, languages and cultures in this amazing country.

Uganda Adventure Tour
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