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"I am not the same having seen the moon shine on the other side of the world."
- Mary Anne Radmacher Hershe

Spice up your life with our tours in the jewel of the Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka! Immerse yourself in Asia’s biodiversity hotspot and discover this geographical and cultural melting pot. Our Sri Lankan tours offer adventures to match the tropical scenery, architectural diversity and culinary delights of the country. There is so much to see and do in Sri Lanka so there is plenty of adventure on offer here. You can get kitted up and head out from elegant Colombo along gleaming coastlines up through evergreen tropical forest to tea rich highlands. You’ll enjoy a roller-coaster of emotions and activities along the way. Also on offer are cycle tracks, canoeing and rafting on raging rapids, jeep safaris, hiking and hot air ballooning. After all this professionally guided excitement, let the friendly service in villas, hostels and boutique hotels settle your heart rate.

A myriad of animal and plant life thrives in the twenty wildlife reserves and fifteen National Parks in the country. There are also eight UNESCO World Heritage Sites that lie across a landscape dotted with archaeological sites, temples, churches, monastery complexes, monuments and forts. Be ready to make exotic acquaintances as there are so many incredible animals to spot in Sri Lanka. Jackal, elk, one-horned lizards and purple faced langur are just a few as well as the better known Asian elephants, blue whales, dolphins, the world’s highest concentration of leopards and hundreds of bird species. Today’s Sri Lanka is born out of a fascinating history stretching back 2,500 years. The island has sacred Buddhist and Hindu traditions and heritage as well as Indian and other international influences such as Portuguese, Dutch and British Colonialism which have contributed to a rich cultural tapestry.

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