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Slovenia is one of Europe’s finest fly fishing spots and this fishing and adventure tour will allow you to experience the country’s unspoiled and rich habitats which are both relatively untouched by the modern world.

The majority of the fishing on the Slovenia Fly Fishing and Adventure Tour is located in the Slovenian Julian Alps which is home to beautiful streams that are glacial in colour. The Julian Alps are an assortment of mountains of the Southern Limestone Alps which extend from the northeast of Italy to the region formerly known as Yugoslavia.

The sky blue hue to the water makes this a truly spectacular location in which to fish. The Soca River and its tributaries are renowned throughout the world and are a true test of the most accomplished fly fisher. The Soca River’s character changes from swift mountain stream to a mighty and strong river with many depths and is home to the marbled trout.
There are also many non-fishing activities available upon request to participate in such as rafting, caving and city tours so come to Slovenia and experience the magic of this European natural paradise!

Slovenia Fly Fishing and Adventure Tour
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