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"Ethiopia always has a special place in my imagination and the prospect of visiting Ethiopia
attracted me more strongly than a trip to France, England, and America combined.
I felt I would be visiting my own genesis, unearthing the roots of what made me an African." - Nelson Mandela

Known as the cradle of mankind and the oldest independent country in Africa, Ethiopia has a rich and vibrant history waiting to be explored. 
The earliest evidence of Ethiopian history was around 1000 BC when the Queen of Sheba visited King Solomon. Unique among other African countries, Ethiopia is one of the world’s most fascinating countries that offers all in one. It has rich history, amazing people with deep culture, towering mountains and breathtaking scenery, endemic mammals and birds and unique natural sites like the Danakil Depression.

Ethiopia, the only African country never to be colonised, is a country of proud peoples – there are over 80 different ethnic groups with many still living as they did centuries ago. Ethiopia is home to many historical landmarks, monasteries and religious antiquities including the world famous Lalibela, 11 medieval rock-hewn churches each carved entirely out of a single block of granite with its roof at ground level. The Ark of the Covenant is purported to reside in the sacred city of Axum making Ethiopia rich in early Christian history.

With the Rift Valley, the Simien Mountains (home to Gelada baboons), the Bale Mountains (home to the rare Ethiopian wolf), savannas, rain forests, the Blue Nile, beautiful lakes and the Danakil Desert; Ethiopia offers a wide variety of stunning landscapes to explore. Ethiopia is recognised as the birthplace of humanity and home to the oldest hominoid, “Lucy” or in Amharic, “Dinknesh”.

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